Meadjito and friends onboard!

Meadjito and friends sent in volume to Delta, BC – stocked with the BCLDB! In other words, your favourite Fallentimber Meads are closer than ever if you are a BC resident! What does this mean for you? Wondering where to find them? Want to see our products on your local shelves? Ask us or let its know where by emailing

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We’re excited that Meadjito and friends will be stocked in the BCLDB warehouse.. This means all our fans will have faster access to our products. Spread the word to your friends and fan peers. Tell us where you would like us to place our product and ask your local retailer to bring it in! This helps us place the product as the retailer knows there is demand.

We work tirelessly to bring you the very best products, and we thank you for your support.!

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