Barrel-Aged and Vintage Series

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Personalize your own 3 or 6 pack from our decadent Barrel-Aged and Vintage Series. (15% off when you buy 6 or more).

  • *** SPECIAL *** Winter Essentials Package

    Get 2 bottles each of Pyment, Sweet Whisky Barrel-Aged and Traditional Whisky Barrel-Aged. 3 very special meads for $60 off; great for gifts, your cellar or sharing with friends over the holidays!

  • Whisky Barrel-Aged

    This special release is aged in whisky barrels adding toasted caramel notes and a touch of tannin. 750 ml | 14.0% ABV

  • Cinnamon Mead

    Our cinnamon mead has been lightly spiced post fermentation to a achieve a subtle yet distinguishable flavour. 750 ml | 13.0% ABV

  • Oaked Mead

    Oak chips add a pleasant French Oak flavour and aroma to this special release 750 ml | 16.0% ABV

  • Vintage Traditional

    Our Traditional Mead has aged to perfection in this vintage release 750ml | 13.0% ABV

  • Dry Mead

    This easy drinking mead has been fermented to an off-dry leaving a subtle hint of honey and a fresh and floral bouquet. 750ml | 13.5% ABV

  • Barrel-Aged Sweet

    This sweet mead has been living in whisky barrels for several years and is an exclusive batch. 750ml | 16% ABV

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Personalize your own 3 or 6 pack from our decadent Barrel-Aged and Vintage Series! Choose from Whisky Barrel-Aged (14.0% ABV), Saskatoon Barrel-Aged (13.0% ABV), Vintage Traditional (13.0% ABV), Dry (13.5% ABV), Saskatoon (12.5% ABV), Oaked (16.0% ABV), Cinnamon (13.0% ABV) and Sweet (500ml – 16.0% ABV)


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