Session Mead 4 Packs (355ml)

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Save big when you create a custom 16 pack (15% off), or 24 pack (30% off) of our most popular session meads (sparkling mead cocktails). Enjoy $20 flat rate shipping on your order. Make your custom order selections below.



    Refreshing honey, mint & lime | 5.5% ABV


    Spirited honey, lemon & ginger | 5% ABV


    Handsome honey, apple & raspberry | 6% ABV


    Gluten Free Mead Radler | 3.5% ABV

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Fallentimber Session Meads cans are sold in 4 packs. Save big when you create a custom 16 pack (15% off), or 24 pack (30% off) of our most popular session meads (sparkling mead cocktails).

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MEADJITO (4 pack)
Refreshing honey, mint and lime.
Combining our honey with fresh mint and lime provides a light, refreshing, naturally gluten-free mojito.
5.5% alc./vol​

HONEY BUCK (4 pack)
Spirited honey, lemon and ginger.
Combining our honey with fresh lemon and ginger provides a spirited, naturally gluten-free ginger lemonade. Swirl before opening as the Honey Buck is unfiltered.
5% alc./vol​ 

MR. PINK (4 pack)
Handsome honey, apple and raspberry.
Combining our honey with apple and raspberry provides a dry, crisp, naturally gluten-free cyser.
 6% alc./vol 

HOPPED MEAD (4 pack)
Smooth honey and hops.
Combining our honey with Cascade and Chinook hops provides a balanced, naturally gluten-free, lightly hopped mead. 7.5% alc./vol

SEADÓG (4 pack)
Mead Radler.
Seadóg, meaning grapefruit in Irish, combines honey, grapefruit, lemon, and orange to provide a revitalizing mead radler that is naturally gluten-free, low calorie, and low alcohol.
3.5% alc./vol

3 reviews for Session Mead 4 Packs (355ml)

  1. Christopher Shmyrko (verified owner)

    Meadjito, Honey Buck, And Mr. Pink were a hit at the lake, at the neighbours and ofcourse with me. I didn’t care for the Hoppymead but I’m not a hoppy kinda guy. Seadog was refreshing but not my jive. Smooth and great taste! Keep up the awesome brew!

  2. Rylee Brander (verified owner)

    I absolutely love Meadijto! I’ve been a big fan ever since I first tried it!

  3. Maria R

    I had Meadjito at an event the other day and I loved it so much I tracked down. We’ll much to my surprise there was a variety pack and tho I still think Meadjito is my favourite, they all are delicious. I can’t wait to order online for the discount and drink it all summer long!!

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