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Fallentimber Meadery

South East 17 Cyser - 4 Pack 355mL Cans

South East 17 Cyser - 4 Pack 355mL Cans

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Crafted with handpicked apples from homestead orchards, our cider is a blend of heritage and flavour. Infused with Fallentimber Honey and enriched with Chinook hops from Water Valley Hops this libation achieves a perfect bland of tartness, tannins, and a subtle sweetness. It’s brimming with a rich apple aroma, a delicate touch of honey, and a hint of hops.

4.5% ABV | 4x 355mL can.

For every 4-PK sold 35% of the price will be donated to the Cremona and District Emergency Services. 

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