At Fallentimber we know every great glass of mead starts with great honey, and honey is something that the Ryan family knows very well. Back in 1969, Blake Ryan started the family business when he purchased the family farm and established his first hives.  Kevin Ryan carried on the profession of beekeeping and continues to do so as part of the Fallentimber Meadery. Our honey is collected from hives placed along a narrow band at the eastern edge of the foothills. This gives our bees access to a wide variety of wildflowers and clover that cover the hills, but limits their exposure to the expansive croplands to the east. In addition to careful hive placement, our honey is meticulously handled, and never pasteurized, to ensure that it retains a natural, fresh from the comb flavour. The result is a honey that is among the best in the business, which makes the perfect base for our honey wine & session meads.

The meadery got its start when the Ryans, got into home brew. What began as a hobby, quickly grew into something more serious when brothers Nathan and Colin Ryan founded Fallentimber Meadery on the Ryan family farm in Water Valley in 2010. 

Since our meadery doors officially opened to the public in the fall of 2010, Fallentimber has grown substantially. In 2017 after launching our Meadjito® May long weekend, things have been very different for us. It’s success allowed us to build our new facility to meet the demands of thirsty Albertans!

Our Session Meads, have allowed us to introduce a new generation to the wonderful taste and diversity of mead (honey wine).



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