Traditional Style Meads

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Bundle and save on Fallentimber traditional style meads. Buy 6 (save 10%) or 12 (save 20%) off our savoury still meads!


    750ML | 14.0% ABV


    750ml | 13.5% ABV


    750ml | 11.0% ABV

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All of our traditional meads are produced with Ryan’s Honey; that unique flavour comes through in every glass! Bundle and Save on Traditional Style Mead (Honey Wine) when you Personalize your own 3, 6 or 12 pack of our savoury still meads!

While there are several different types of mead (honey wine), a traditional mead consists of honey and water and offers delicate honey suckle on the palate and floral aromatics. Choose from any of our signature meads to create your custom bundle.

Traditional Mead (750ml – 13.0% ABV)
Fallentimber Traditional Mead has floral aroma, mildly sweet character and a well rounded finish. This medium-sweet mead is created by combining the honey from our region and the age old craft of meadmaking. Our Traditional mead recipe forms the backbone of many of our other spiced and seasonal batches.

Sweet Mead (750ml – 16.0% ABV)
Fallentimber apiary produces mainly clover honey, which is light in colour and floral in flavour. When fermented to a sweet finish, these qualities create the deep, earthy and rich notes of an old-world elixir. Our sweet mead is comparable in sugar content to a late harvest wine, and is an excellent option for a dessert mead.

Saskatoon Mead (750ml – 13.5% ABV)
This fruit infused is mead is traditionally referred to as a Melomel. We’ve combined our honey with saskatoon berries and a hint of crab apple. The tartness of the fruit and the sweetness of the honey harmonize perfectly, creating a well-balanced, bright & clean melomel. 

Pyment (750ml – 16.0% ABV)
We’ve blended our honey with Naramata grapes (Meritage Blend) and a touch of French oak to create this sweet, full-bodied pyment.


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